Mobile device management with IBM MaaS360

The mobile balance between productivity and security For many, mobile is the foremost driver of efficiency and productivity for organizations today. Driven by the consumerization of IT, employees now demand the same mobile tools they also use outside of work which eliminates the learning curve of new tools. So, how to to manage mobility and […]

Smart City will be made real at the Euregio 2016 with sensors and Internet of Things

Live examples of how  actual product use measuring will optimise your businessprocess June 2nd: Internet of Things will be made real at Euregio ‘Dag van de Openbare Ruimte’ 2016, the leading landscaping industry event in the Benelux and Germany. Powered by FacilityApps, active in Mobile Workforce Management Apps,  stand 4.06 will show 3 ready-made solutions […]

FacilityApps host at Euregio 2nd of June in Maastricht

Thursday, June 2nd 2016, MECC Maastricht will host the “Dag van de Openbare Ruimte Euregio”. FacilityApps will be present with it’s app-platform to showcase the needed innovations. This fair is a live communication platform for (public) landscaping professionals. Major themes are: inspiration, new products, innovation and trends. Apps and Internet of Things for Smart City […]

Evidence and Results Based Cleaning with Internet of Things @ ISSA Interclean 2016

Stand shows live examples of how actual product use measuring will optimize your business process, in this case Evidence & Result Based Cleaning.   May 10-13: Internet of Things will be made real at ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2016, the world’s leading cleaning industry event. Powered by FacilityApps, active in Mobile Workforce Management Apps,  the ‘Evidence and Result […]

Knowledge Day 2015 Association of Cleaning Research (VSR) in sign of Digital Revolution in Cleaning Industry

Digital Revolution in Cleaning was the theme of the Knowledge Day of the Dutch Association of Cleaning Research (VSR). Smart Buildings, cleaning robots, sensors in trolleys, wearables, cleaning 4.0 and Big Data: just a few of the subjects that were presented and discussed on Wednesday 09 September during the VSR 2015 Knowledge Day.